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Slomo is the first Arcade emulator ever written in Visual Basic. At this time it only emulates Centipede and I don't know how much more I will implement. (Look below for more info).


Binary version: SloMo v.01 (28 kb)

Source version: SloMo (source) v0.1 (14 kb)

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Visitors since 1998-03-08:

1998-03-13, (Allmost 1000 visitors (~980) the first 24 hours!!!, not that many these last days though!) It is Friday the 13th and I thought that I should post an update as of what's going on... Well not much really, I recieved a lot of supportive E-mails from people all over the world, probably VB-programmers (Wild guess?) Most of them told me that they wanted to continue the work on my emulator but so far there only seem to be one guy out there really doing it, and that is Don Jarret, the guy who started out the 6502-emu in the first place.

It looks as if he is adding a new game every day? Well, I haven't downloaded any of his work yet but I will in time. You can find his work here:

What will I do then? Well there are two things I would like to try:

- Write a Z80-processor emulator in VB. (I guess I will start with this one)

- Write a Karate Champ emulator (probably in C and ASM though, (sorry all you VB-programmers)) , I loved this game and it would be fun to play it again! I do not have that many details about this game yet. I will start gathering information from today (if you have any please send them to me!)

1998-03-08, Released SloMo v0.1 - 980 visitors the first day!