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The Northern Lights Home Page

Welcome to the Northern Lights home page. Northern Lights is a fanzine devoted to the GURPS Roleplaying Game, published by Steve Jackson Games .

Northern Lights is published in two different formats:

From this home page, you can download Northern Lights in electronic form. The files are stored in PDF format, which means you need Adobe Acrobat, a free document browser from Adobe. If you do not have Acrobat, you need to download it now.

I hope you will find Northern Lights enjoyable,

Henrik Mårtensson , editor

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is not a new fanzine. The first issue appeared in All of the Above #7, in Mars `92. Due to changes in both hardware and software, the early issues are not available in electronic form. Starting with #1-97, Northern Lights will be available in PDF format.

The files have been created using Acrobat Distiller 3.0, so if you have an old version of Adobe Acrobat (older than 3.0), you will need to download the latest version.


Northern Lights 1-97

A short issue, containing a proposal for an SGML based Roleplaying Markup Language, reviews of some GURPS products, and correspondence with other AotA members.

Northern Lights 2-97

This issue contains three articles about nano-technology in GURPS, and part two of the Roleplaying Markup Language proposal.

Northern Lights 3-97

This issue contains an article on the design of a very large space station, and reviews of several books.

All of the Above

Several AotA members have published their work on the WWW. Here are a few of the AotA resources you can find online:

Other GURPS Resources

There are many GURPS fans out there, and many of those publish on the WWW. You will find a reasonably up to date list at: