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Some words about SPEED Productions

You have reached the homepage of SPEED Productions. At this site you will find information about our products. Most of them are available for download under the terms of either freeware or shareware. Please refer to respective documentation for more details.

SPEED Productions was formed in the early 90s for the purpose of just having a cool name. Today we are a bit more serious and think of it as a company. If things get going we will register it at the swedish authoraties (PRV) as an official company.

We make programs that we feel we need which often leads to seeing others needs and so the programs grow. As of today the only time we have to spend on this are our free time which is varying.

About amiga.nu

We are in no other way than using their producs connected to Amiga International or Amiga, Inc.. We have registered this domain for showing our support to the Amiga platform.

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