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The Rock

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Nicholas Cage and Sean Connery stars in this action-packed movie with some
outrageously cool lines. You probably wont find them elsewhere.

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if you have that codec installed, click here )


From the beginning of the movie, we hear exerpts of a war.(awesome line)

Soldier: - General Hummel! You have to get us outta here now!!
(music playing)
General Hummel: - I wont let you down! I wont let you down, son.
Soldier: - Goddammit sir! How long do we have to wait?? I´ve lost 15 men already!
(some screaming)
General Hummel: This is General Hummel, you have to get my men outta there!
Some radiohelp: We dont have clearance to go behind enemy lines, sir!
Soldier: ...they´re not coming for us, are they sir? (sad music)


Right after General Hummels men killed the allianced marines in the shower:

General Hummel: - You´ve made a terrible mistake. Now more of our brothers
have died in vain. Damn you for forcing me into this position!


Cool line. Maybe an event sound.

Alcatraz Guide: Hey fellows, something wrong with the tour?
General Hummel: Tour´s over Bob!


Tourist in prison:

Tourist: - What kinda fucked up tour is this!?


In Sean´s car during the carchase:

(phone ringing)
German fellow: - You haben mein Humvee gestolen!
Mason: - Im only borrowing your Humvee!


At the end, when Cage is holding the green flares and they notice it.
(music playing)
Guy: - I´ve got green smoke! I´ve got green smoke!!
Guy2: - CQ1!CQ1! Green smoke! We have green smoke, over!?
Guy3: Abort!Abort!!
(hearing the missile fire)
Pilot: Jesus Christ!!.....I´ve already dripped it!
(Cage screaming his lungs out)


Mason and Godspeed locked inside The Rock.

Godspeed: - Which brings me to another question..hrrmm..you broke out, let me see if I´ve to this straight...
You went down the incinirator-shoot, on the minecart, trough the tunnels to the power plant, under the seem engine,
...that was really cool by the way...and into the cistern, trough the intake pipe..but...hrrm,hrrm...but..how.
...in the name of Zeus BUTTHOLE...did you get out of your cell..I only ask because in our current situation..well..
..it could prove be useful information....MAYBE!!


Feminim hairdresser in the elevator:

Hairdresser: - ..hey..I dont wanna know about this, I didnt see you trough that guy over
the balcony...all Im interested in, is are you happy with your h a i r c u t....


Intense sequence. Marines entering the shower, suprised by the badguys.

(lightbulb enlightens)
General Hummel: - Drop your weapons!
(lots of cocking, and movement)
General Hummel:- Drop em!!
Biehn character: - Stand fast!!!...hold your fire!!! Hold your fire!!
Mercenary: - Drop your weapons!!
(more cocking weapons)
FBI-agent:-  ...it´s a fucking trap!


Hummel first speech to his crew.

Hummel: - We have achieved our positions by pois, precision and oddacity..to this we most now add resolve.
We´ll be branded as traitors, gravest capital crime, punishable by death.


(cont. of above) General Hummel giving a speech for his men about stoping the lies.

General Hummel: The men of marines force reacons, are selected to carry out illegal operations troughout the world..
..when they dont come home.. their families are told fairytales about what happened to them, and denied compansation.
Well I have choked on these lies my entire career! Well here and now the LIES STOP!!


Previous part of the speech above:

General Hummel: Couple houndred years ago, few guys named Washington, Jefferson and Adams, were
branded traitors by the british...now they´re called patriots...in time so shall we!


Intense sequence in the beginning, when I bomb are ticking down in a FBI lab.

Guy: - If that suit melts, if you die, we all die! Inject your heart and then defuse the bomb!
Stan: - What if I miss my heart, I cant see shit!
Guy: - Do it now!!
Stan: - Look how big this is!! You want me to stick this into my heart?  Are you fucking NUTS??!!


Biehn character talks about the fight of their lifes

Biehn: - Make no mistake Gentlemen, we´re in the fight for our lifes..against maybe the greatest batalion Commander
of the Vietnam war, I shit you not!


Beginning to the best sequence in the movie. The shower scene:

Biehn: - Sir, we know why you´re out here, god knows I agree with you, but like you I sworn to protect this country
from all enemies, foreign sir..and domestic..General, we spilled the same blood in the same mud..
..you know goddamn well I cant give that order.


The rest of the best and most intense sequence in the film. The stand-of in the shower room!

Biehn character: - Men following the General...you´re under oath as United States Marines, have you forgotten that??
....we all have shit we remember...some of them your shit..and pissed on by Pentagon...but that doesnt give your right to mutiny!!

General Hummel: You call it what you want!! You´re down there! We´re up here! You walked into the goddamn wrong room!
Biehn: - STAND FAST!!!
General Hummel: Goddamit Commander, one last time! You tell your men to safety their weapons and drop em to the deck!
Biehn:- STAND FAST!!
Good marine:- ...oh my god...
Bad marine:- ...lets waste these fuckers..
General Hummel:- ..one last time, you order your men to drop their weapons..
(piece of rock hits the ground)
(screaming and firing guns)
General Humme:- ..CEASE FIRE!!!!
(music and fade out)


Godspeed wonder on how to stop Mason from leaving.

Godspeed: - ..status is that they´re dead...they´re dead! It´s just me and mason, and he´s leaving.
FBI-agent: - That is unacceptable you hear?! Unacceptable!!
Godspeed: - Well, there´s a problem, sir! He´s got a gun!
FBI-agent: - What do you have?! A fucking WATERPISTOL!?
Godspeed: - No sir!
FBI-agent: - Go after him, an stop him.

Hope you had some fun laughs and exitment, and don't hesitate to request!

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