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Private Parts

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Since I got so many requests of the full version of the Match Game wavfile I had'nt the time to send it to each and every one. So from now on the full matchgame file is availble. Click HERE to download the file.

Click HERE if you have problems with playing the wavfiles.



Kevin: - Howard Stern can kiss my ass in hell!!!



Robin:- ...you just swallowed?!?!

Howard as gay: - Oh my God I swallowed

This file is also avaible with the whole scen, Howard and Fred are gays and he drinks sperm to pronunce "WNBC" correct. Want it? Mail me.



Lady in beginning: - He was offensive, he was obnocius, he was discusting....want me to go on?



Duke of Rock: - I got go. See you midnight tonite. This is the Duke of Rock sayin', I you cant be good be bad,baby...bye.



Lawyer at NBC: - Also note paragraph 2. No use of the so called "dirty words", these are: cocksucker,motherfucker,fuck,shit,cunt,cock and pussy.



Howard as gay: - You know about this? I was in the Program Directors office, he name is Mr Pigwomit, yes, because he looks like a pig and he makes you wanna vomit, Mr Pigvomit.

This complete scen is also availbe. Gay and sperm talk. Mail me.



Lady in beginning: - Once he wanted me to approve a contest, where he would give a new toilet to the listener with the biggest vaulemovement(cant spell it).



Howard Stern: - I know I shouldnt interupt in the middle of the song, but I got tell you something, and I know alot of you out there loves this music, but I just dont get it, explain it to me. And maybe its because I went to college, or drove a truck, or slept with my father's sister...



Howard: - Pussy is ok, its the way he says "big cock coming out of your mouth" sound awfuly dirty..

Jackie "Joker": - So I cant say big cock, but you can say "big cock coming out of my mouth..

Howard: - That's correct...

Jackie: - That sucks!

Fred as Richard Nixon: - Did you just say: Big cock coming out of your mouth it sucks...aha-ha-ha...




Howard as gay: - I brought in a cup of "Freds" sperma..

Robin: - ...sperm?

Fred: - ..I squshed it myself, I hope its not to tiny..

Robin: - And what are you gonna do with it?

Howard: - Im gonna gargle with it ,and say it over and over until I get it right..

Robin: - You think it'll work?

Howard: - How cares, cuze I love the taste of a man...Hoo-Gaa

Fred: - Hoo-Gaa, Hoo-Gaa...

Howard: - Hoo-gaa...Alright, if I could get some music now...

This is also a piece of the "gay-sperm-swallow" scen. Is availbe at request.


jibber.wav (GREAT LAUGH!!!)

Man: - ...I want you to say "Howard goes to Hartford and becomes The Wacky Morning Man a WWC"

Man in street (has a speech inpediment): - ..howtd go to Hata..hatta..wacty..at wwccT

Man: - no,no,Howard goes to Hartford and becomes The Wacky Morning Man a WWC..

Man in street: - ..Howat go tt harta in wwcc..

Man: - ..ok, thats not gonna work...



Luke Perry: - ITS FARTMAN!!!!!!!!! (crowd cheering)

Howard: - Behold! Im FARTMAN! Behold the greatness thats me, the mightest of superhero, screw Superman, Im FARTMAN, FARTMAN RULES!!!!



( This is a piece of the monolog Program Director Kevin says after the credits. For full version of it, mail me )

Kevin: - I hold no grude against Howard Stern, he's been very succesful, god bless him. But I tell ya...if Howard would've listen to me, I still be doing radio, still be doing radio...how about that.......That Goddamn motherfucker, you know. I've tried every fucking(drill sound) thing, I could fucking (drill sound) think of..to make him a perfect DJ, but that motherfucker ( followed by swearing and drilling) Very funny!!!

Hope you had some fun laughs, and don't hesitate to request!


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