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Out Of Sight

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George Clooney stars in Out Of Sight, one of the coolest movies in a long time.
Great lines and soundtrack makes Out Of Sight one of mine favourite movies ever.

If you have any wavs with the cuban fellow talking to Mira about the magic trick. Please mail it to me.


Glenns chatting with Lopez about waiting in the car:

Glenn: - I have been sitting here, for over halv an hour, and watching them for the Highway patrol..you think that´s fun...god...you know, I hade to go over there in the bushes, just to smoke a joint...just so I could..(whistles)...you know....yup! ...I got something big lined up up north, and these guys, wouldn´t even fucking know about it, if it wasn´t for me...


In the boxing training facilites:

Snoopy: - Why dont we talk about this outside,man?
Clooney: - It´s nice in here...warm..
Snoopy: - Warm? Shit, it´s like 90' degress in here man..hehe, sometimes its 100 in this mut...


Talking in prison about escaping:

Clo: - Tonight´s the big night...exited?
Havz: - Man, you see those boozos out there? They´re putting up a new fence about 15 feet back the fence that already there, you know....I figure, we wait til Super Bowl Sunday, they have that fence builed...ey Conjo, we gotta dig no more then 10 days more baby......I dont think so...so tonite, when it gets dark, Barabing, Im outta here...


Beginning of the movie, he robbs the bank in the most cool way:

Clerk: - How can I help you sir?
Clo: - You see that man talking to your bankmanager has his case open..
Clerk: - Oh, that´s Mr Gwinden, one of our Assistent Manager, our Managers is Mr Shellenwood, but he´s not in today
Clo: - But you see the man with the briefcase?
Clerk: - ...yees..
Clo: - That´s my partner...he has a gun in there, and if you dont do exactly what I tell you or give me any problem at all, Im gonna look over at my partner and he´s gonna shot your Mr Gwinden between the eyes...Ok, now take one of these big envelopes and put as many hundreds,fiftees and twenties as you can pack into it...nothing with bankstraps, or any rubber bands, I dont want any di-packs, I dont want any backed money, start with the second drour on the moneycounter......is this your first time being robbed?....your doing great...just smile, alright, so it dont looks like your being robbed..now I didnt have to give my partner a sign, and thats good....now he´s gonna wait 30 seconds until Im outta the building, to make sure you dont set of the alarm...you have, he´s gonna shot Mr Gwinden between the eyes...ok?


Snoopy asking Glenn if he´s up to the job:

Snoopy: - Can you step up and actually do this shit, understand? instead just  talking the talk? You dont like what Im saying, you just bounce the fuck up this whoop anylong where  up here man..


Snoopy and Clooney have a stand of:

Snoopy: - Never shot a gun before, have you?
Clo: - Not until recently no..
Snoopy: - Nervous?
Clo: - A bit..
Snoopy: - You know, situations like this is a high potentiality that the common motherfucker bitch out!
Clo: - So I figure, why take a chance!!


Glenn makes a mistake again:

Glenn: - I thought you guys were busted!
Clo: - Why is that? Cuze you left us standing on the side of the road?
Snoopy: - Whoops...hehehehe....


Snoopy asks Glenn if he´s up to killing a crossdressed nigger:

Snoopy: - Walk   into this house I´ve picked out...do this crossdressing nigger named Sullivan, I used to sell to, been dealing on his own?
Glenn: -  What...Im not doing that man...(couldnt exactly hear)


Clo ´s car jerks around:

Clo: - (trying to start the car) ...no,no,no,no,no,no,no...fuck!...fuck!
Cop: - ..think you flooded it!


Clo decides that they´re going to Detroit:

Clo: - Lets go to detroit!
Buddy: - Now your talking brother!


Snoopy says that this is his car and that Glenn are going to kill the nigger:

Snoopy: - Come'on man...If I say this is my car, you know this is my car, you just get yourself another one...If I say were in on this ripley shit, we´re in on it with or without your punk ass...And if I say you gonna walk up this house and do this motherfucker so I can see if you got balls or not.... guess what else you gonna do?
Man in front seat: - yeah,yeah yeah! this is far to the ass!
Snoopy: - Tighten up your panties boy!


Horny fellow want to show his monster to Jennifer Lopez:

Lopez: - Your not my type...
Horny fellow: - Ah...no, that shit dont mean nothing to me...I let the monster out, you gonna do what it wants!


End of movie, Clooney says he´s not going back to prison:

Lopez: - Jack, please to make me do this...put the gun down..
Clo: - ...no more timeouts....


Clo´s letting the Snoopy know which is he´s and Clo´s

Clo: - Look Snoop...I dont know what Glenn promised you, or what your think your gonna get outta this...here´s the deal, uh, Buddy and I, we´re gonna take halv anything we´re gonna get of at Ripleys, anything else, you guys are allowed to cut up anyway you want..


Snoopy explaining what Whiteboys job is:

Snoopy: - Whiteboy Bob right there is my middle man, you know, like my personal bodyguard when I need one, driving and shit like that, Yo man,watch the road Whiteboy!

Hope you had some fun laughs, and don't hesitate to request!


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