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Loaded Weapon

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t has come to my attention that sounds from this movie don't exist on the InterNet. Why not? Cast of this hilarious movie are amongst other special apperances:

Emilio Estevez, Samuel L. Jackson, William Shatner

It's a great movie and has alot of hilarious lines. So I made a few and I hope that they are satisfying.

ucame.wav 25 kb( Comment: "You gotta have a sense of adult humor to get this")

Luger: - Drop the gun, General

Colt: - Luger! You came!

Luger: - That's personal! ....What's important is that I'm here.

whylive.wav 30 kb

Colt: - She was suppose to met you here the night she died...why?

Rat guy (name him please!) - This is where I live...

Colt: - Yeah, but why you?

Rat guy (name?) : - Because the other guy couldn't come up with the security deposit.

name.wav 30 kb

Rat guy (name?) : - Aright,aright, I did some money laundry for some ex military guy...

Colt: - Give me a name!

Rat guy (name?) : - Were'nt your parents suppose to do that?!

nopenis.wav 30kb

Colt: - Who the hell are you?

Mr. Jigsaw: - I am your worst nightmare!

Colt: - ...no, waking up without my penis is my worst nightmare

yuck.wav 31kb

Colt: - What flavour Icey you got today?

Indian fellow: - kiwi cherry

Colt: - ...Yuck....

nothin.wav 38 kb

Rat guy (name?) - What,what? I,I dont know nothi',I didn't see nothi', I aint saying nothi'

Luger: - NOTHING! The word is nothinG. Not nothi' ,NOTHING! There's a N and a G on the end

ciamvv.wav 39kb ( This was'nt easy to hear,but its funny)

Luger: - There's something between you and General Mortars..

Colt: - He was my CO in 'Nam, CIA list him as MIA,but the VEA ID him as O and putted him down on APP

Luger:- Oh I see...

ticket.wav 40kb

Coroner: - Im sorry Wes, but all the mayhem has made me insensitive....Ok, this loser toke the chicken shit way out and punched her own ticket.

wiseword.wav 75 kb

General Mortars: - Where's the microfilm, Mike.

Mike: - I dont know, I gave it to York

General Mortars: - "Act on haste, repent in amnisea.."

Mike: - "But he who hesitates is lost"

General Mortars: - "Never judge a book by it's cover"

Mike: - "But what you see is what you get"

General Mortars: - "Loose lips, sinks ships"

Mike: - "Life is very short, and there's no time for fighting or fussing my friend"

pain.zip 120kb

Indian guy: - marharkarabara..

Colt: - What the hell is he sayin'?

Indian: - 'Ello,'Ello, nice weather were having to day

Colt: -You think were having nice weather? I guess you didn't lose the one thing that meant everythin' in your life. I guess you dont fell burned out by human misery in despair by the criminal verman that infests every pour of this city. Forcing you to gussle cheap wine, cheap whiskey to doll the pain that shaters your heart and rips out your soul and keeps the days forever gray.

Hope you had some fun laughs, and don't hesitate to request!


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