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Four Rooms

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Four Rooms are a mix movie from 4 directors, amongst them Quentin Tarantino. All lines are without a doubt so hilarious, you won't be able to move your belly.


The last room in Four Rooms. Tim Roth stars as the bellhob.

Black dude: Shut the fuck up bitch!

Angela: Bitch? Excuze me, Aren't you the one who's getting paid to suck his cock corkboy?


 The second room in Four Rooms, just when Teds enters the room.

Ted the bellhob: Is this room 404?....Obviously I have come in a very bad timing

Siegfried: The fact isn't theat you dont have a sense of timing...the fact is...you're here


 Still in the second room in Four Rooms:

Angela: You're a shit monkyboy, easy for you to say after you fucked another mans wife.


Angela: You should at least have the guts to stand behind your conviction

Ted:...she's lying Siegfried...Im swear to god!

I also got the rest of this scene, where Angela starts talking about how big Ted's cock is and what to call his dick. If you want it, Email me. Its kinda big.


 The third room in Four Rooms, Ted is having a nervous breakdown by babysittin. LOL!

Child: If you dont help us, my dad is gonna lie next to her, I swear to fucking God!

Ted: (In a insane voice) I am coming up there right this minute, and if there isn't a dead body up there, Im gonna make one...You!!!


 Ted is about to go up to the 4th Room and he's knocking on the door: Hilarious!

(knocking) Ted: Roomservice!

Angela opens: Hello Theodore

Ted jumps in suprise: What the fuuuuuuck are you doing here?!?!

Angela: Having a drink

Ted: Is Siegfried here?

Angela: Are you kidding, he's probably gonna be a sleep to Xmas.


 Ted chatting with Chester Rush(Quentin Tarantiono) in Four Rooms:

Chester: Drink up lad....What do you say.

Ted: Oh, thank you Sir!

Chester: No, not thank you, What do you say about the tasty beverage

Ted: Ah, its good sir.

Chester: Its fucking good! Lets try it again: So Ted, what do you think about this tasty beverage?

Ted: Its fucking good Sir!

Chester: Its fucking Cristal! Everything else is piss!


 Ted in the 2nd room, talking about his silly name(He hates the name Theodore) LOL!

Ted: Im not gonna play this game any more...

Siegfried: It soon be over..then you could go home to mommy...Theodore!

Ted:....TED!...The name is Ted! And yes, my mother was so kind to name me Theodore. And I dont have a clue how you know that, because everyone how knows that is thousands of fucking miles from here!


 Ted gettin a msg from the kids about a dead whore under their bed. Ted aslo put some ointment on their eyes so the wouldnt open them. Laughed my ass of!

(beeping signal)

Ted: Shut up! Shut up! (picks up phone) What do you want now for Christ sake, How died?!!

Kid: I dont know, but she's under our bed!

Ted: What?!

Kid: There's a dead body in my bed!

Ted: Nonsence! Thats just your brother sound a sleep!

Kid: No, There's a womens dead body,inside the bed!

Ted: You saw the body?

Kid: Yes!

Ted: IMPOSSIBLE! You've got the ointment on your eyes, you cant see shit! Now go to sleep!


 Teds in the 2nd room, Angela have a gag in her mouth, and they try to talk. LOL!

Angela:..(make noises)

Ted:..What!?!? (takes of the gag)

Angela: We dont have time to play charades here you asshole, untie me!

Ted: I would appriciate...if you would tell that nutcase in there...he made a big fuuucking mistake!

Angela: Look, whether you like it or not, you'r in a situation you cant wish your way you of.

Ted: ..But I dont even met you people before! We'recomplete strangers!!

Angela: Everybody starts out as strangers Ted, its where we end up that counts


 Ted's talking to a stoned lady on the phone about what has happened: Love this one!

Ted: Later, in another room, some crazzzy fucking maniace, sticks a gun in my face, and forces me to play out some psycho sexuall drama with his wife!

Lady: He made you have psycho sex with his wife?

Ted: He wasn't making me fuck his wife! He thought I had sex with his wife. He held me at gunpoint

Lady: What kind a gun was it?

Ted: I dont know, It was big!

Lady: Was it like Dirty Harry gun?

Ted: Something like that

Lady: Did it have a long barrol or a short?

Ted: What difference does it make?!?!

Lady: Well, for one thing there's a difference between a 44 Magnum and a Magnum 357.

Ted: What the fuck case! Whether it was 44 or a 392! It was big! It was loaded! And it was pointing right at my fucking head!

Hope you had some fun laughs, and don't hesitate to request!


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