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Ford Fairlane

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Ford Fairlane is the most outragest guy I have ever seen!


Girl: - Hey...your that guy, the private I....

Ford: - And you're a poet and didnt know it, aoww...


Ford: - I have heard cats fuck with more harmony than this kid!


Ford: - Here's to you buddy...suckin' my dick!


Ed O'Neill: - Are you calling me an asshole,asshole

Ford: - Im calling you an anus, Anus.

held.wav (just after Ford had sex with them)

Girls: - Ford, we just needed to be held..

Ford: You got the bonusplan,owh...


Ford: - Perfect ending to a perfect day...Unfuckingbelivable!


Ford: - You're 10 seconds away from the most imbarrassing moment of your life

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