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Adam Sandler....need I say more?


 Adam Sandler in Bulletproof:

-Ah...thats what you get for trying make me suck your dick!


Charlie in BulletProof :

Charlie:..those fellows messed with the wrong hombre.


 Adam Sandler in BulletProof:

Moses: ..three of us, we could burn it up together.

Charlie: What do you mean?

Moses: You know damn well what I mean..so what do you say? Me, you and the old lady, little sandwich action?

Charlie:..wwha do you mean?

Moses:..yeah come one...Your a piece of white bread, she's a piece of white breade and Im the salami, lets give it a shot?

Charlie: Well she's not eating sandwiches, she's on a diet.


  Adam Sandler in Bulletproof again:

- I know this guy like I know me self. If he's a cop Ill suck your dick Mr. Colton, gezzes...


Adam Sandler in BulletProof:

- Looks like I was hitting on your girlfriend here...but a...actuallity I was hitting on her harder then you think motherfucker! So why dont you step the fuck back, before I bitchslap your fucking hiney!

Hope you had some fun laughs, and don't hesitate to request!


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