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Austin Powers

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This movie is just smashing,Baby! :)

I thought there missing some sounds from Austin Powers on the web so I sat down and made these great lines for you...yeah!

Austin Powers intro song is now availble for download! Click here to download!

all sounds are at 3-bit IMA/DVI ADPCM, 11 khz.

Click HERE if you have problems with playing the files.

turdboss.wav 25 kb

In the toilet

Austin: - Who...does..Nr 2...work...for..

Guy next toilet: - That's right,buddy,you show that turd who's the boss


Austin: - Ok, Name: Austin.....Danger Powers. Sex: Yes please!

hug.wav 30 kb

Dr. Evil : - (Gentle voice) Could I have a hug?

Scott: - No!

Dr Evil: - (firm) Give me a hug.

Scott: - No way!

Dr Evil: - Come here!

Scott:- Im not coming over there!

Dr Evil: - Let's go!

Scott: - Forget it!

Dr Evil: - Pronto...

urthere.wav 33kb

Austin: - Hey! There you are!

Guy: - Hi! Do I know you?

Austin: - No, but that's where you are, you're there! Viva Las Vegas!

macadance.wav 50kb

Dr Evil: - Im with it! ( He starts to "daca" Macarena) DacaDacaDaca Daca....whuuuuuu!

head.wav 60kb

They've just decapateved a man.

Austin: - Not a good time to loose one's head....That's not the way to get head in life...It's a shame he wasn't more head strong....He'll never be the head of a mayor coporation...

Vanessa: - Ok, that's enough

Austin: - ...Ok...

songaust.wav 60 kb

This is a clip from the song in the intro of the film. A girl screams:


If you want the whole song in .zip CLICK HERE!


Austin: - Hey, You know that aint my bag baby!


Girl: - How dare you brake wind before me?

Austin: - Im sorry baby, I didnt know it was your turn , ha-ha-haha.....


Girl: - Isnt that a big stiffer?

Austin: - Yeah, and that looks just like your anus...

caliber.wav 68kb

Dr Evil: - I like to see girls of that....caliber...he-he...???....By caliber, of course, I mean both the size of they're gunbarrols and the high quality of their personality, two meanings caliber....its a hamon.......forget it....

ugly.wav 65kb

Basil: - You have alot of explaining to do!

Austin: - Im sorry Basil, I thought she was a man!

Basil: - Dammit! You're talking about my mother

Austin: - You have to admit she's rather mannish

Basil: - Austin!?

Austin: - Well, no offense...but if that is a woman, it looks like she got beaten with a ugly stick

Basil: - WHAT?!

schs.wav 90kb

This one is just the best!

Scott: - its not a hassle..

Dr Evil: - Schh!

Scott: - but..

Dr Evil: - Schh!

Scott: - I..

Dr Evil:- Schh!

Scott: - All im sa...

Dr Evil: - Schh!

Scott:- They're gonna ge..

Dr Evil: - Schh!

Scott:- I..

Dr Evil: - Schh!

Scott:- I..

Dr Evil: - Schh!

Scott: - We..

Dr Evil: - Schh!

Scott: - ..wou

Dr Evil: - Schh!...Knock, Knock!

Scott: - Who's there?

Dr Evil:- Schh!!

Scott: - Look..

Dr Evil: - Schhh! Let me tell you a story about a guy named SCHH!

Scott: -...

Dr Evil: - SCHH! Even before you start,that was a preemtive "schee", just so you now that I got a whole bag of "schh"... with your name on it.

peeewac.wav 110kb

Computer: - Evacuation beginning

Austin starts to piss...stops

Computer: - Evacuation com.

Austin continues to pee...stops

Computer: - Evacuation comp.

Austin pee's alittle.....stops

Computer: - Evacuation com..

Austin pee's alittle.....stops

Computer: - Evacuation com....


Hope you had some fun laughs, and don't hesitate to request!


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