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Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

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Since no one would help me get more cool sounds from this movie I had to make them on my own. So here are the other most cool sounds from Ace!

Click HERE if you have problems with playing the wavfiles.

silver.wav 17kb

Ace: - Hey Hoo Silver!!! AWAY!!!!

wingstar.wav 20kb

Ace (Imitatin' William Shatner from Star Trek) : - There's....something...on the wing...some thing!

stinkfr.wav 30kb

Ace: - Hey Partchers! "Say 'ello to my stinky little friend" (like Scarface)

intestant.wav 35 kb

Man: - Can you help us?

Ace: - Your request is not unlike your intestant. Stinky, and loaded with danger.

messdew.wav 40kb

Ace: - Alright! This "white devil"-thing has gone far enough! NO ONE...MESSES! WITH THE DEW!!!

rightythen.wav 90kb

When Ace meditates to find the answer( He sings the imortal word "Alright then")

Ace: - AaaaAaaaaAAaaaaAAAaaallllrrriiiggghhhhtttyyy ttthheen...

replay.zip 120kb This is hilarious!!!!!

Ace:- ( Very fast) Today when I met there was a white substant that I mistak for cement, but last night I saw the same substance at the bat cave, and suddenly it hit me: That the great white bat has great white guano! That what's you slipped in, that's what you had on your shoe, and that explains the scar on your arm!....let me run that back for ya: ( Says everything in reverse, hilarious, and he says it again:) That what's you slipped in, that's what you had on your shoe, and that explains the scar on your arm!...DAMN I'M GOOD!!!!


Hope you had some fun laughs, and don't hesitate to request!


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