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These links are here because my site was on so many other people's link pages that I had to give some back.

But remember that the links on this page are only TOP quality. If you want to have your own link here, email me with a short description of your site and URL. Happy Surfing!

Sound Sites:

sound bYte trivia.com -
New movie trivia game. Listen to orginal and scrambled wavfiles and try to guess move/actor(s)/director.Points are awarded weekly, and at the end of the contest (12 weeks), a winner will emerge.

The MovieWavs Page
- Great site for sounds. And probably the only site who has a complete directory of links to sites with sounds from seperate movies.

The Sound America - Over 3500 wavs. With the new Mpeg 3-Layer the download time decreases incredible.

Wav Place - Also a great resource of wavs. Every wav are fully qouted. Not many sites can brag with that ;-)

The Wav Central - Quality wavs from the most popular movies.

http://www.intercom.net/user/bnjhall - Music and Sound. Over 1,000 files. Movie and Music games.

StoutMan - Great source of sounds and links to soundrelated sites.

DailyWav.com - New wavfile each day. A most!

MovieSounds - The one and only!

The Wav Jumpgate - Houndreds of links to soundsites!

Gazoo´s Gold: Wave World 2000 - Extensive link list to TOP quality audio sites

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respective movie production companies.