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Welcome to the sounds of movies named L - R

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- Hey, your bleeding...

- I aint got no time to bleed....


Dutch: - Run!!!!! Get to the chopper!!!!

The Mask


The Mask: - Its party time!!! P-A-R-T...Y??? Because I GOTTA!!!!

National Lampoons Vacation

This one is hilarious!


Chevy: - And I want to look him straight in the eyes and I wanna tell him what a cheap-lying, no-good-rotting, for-fleshing, low-life, snakelickin', dirtyeating, inbreed, overstuffed, ignorent, bloodsucking, dogkissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, hardless, fatass, bugeyes, stifflegs, weirdheaded sack of monkeyshit he is....Halleluja!!!..holy shit....where's that catalouge

The Nutty Professor



Grandma: ..there you go poping out gas in front of your lad, I hope your ass turns into a frog


Shermans mother : Show me muscles again...oh...Hercules,Hercules,Hercules...


Sherman Klump: - Oh thank you very much, Im fattered...uhm, flattered.

The Princess Bride


Vincini: - He didnt fall? Inconcieveble!

Ingio Montana: - You keep using that word. I dont think it means what you think it means

Mars Attacks


General : - We have to strike now, Sir, Annihilate, kill, kill, kill!!

Mr President: - Shut up!! Shut up, shut up....SHUT UP!!!!


 The Martian laugh from Mars Attacks


  Old lady in Mars Attacks: (funny)

- they blew up Congress ha-ha-ha....


 The General in Mars Attacks:

- Anniliate! Kill! Kill!

Men In Black


Will: - Hey....what's up?


Will : - You know the difference between you and me?...I make this look good!

The Last Boyscout


 Damon Wayans in The Last boyscout:

- Think, think, think, what would Joe do? He'd shot everybody and smoke some cigarrets.

12 Monkeys


  Brad Pitt in 12 Monkeys:

-Im not sayin your not mentaly ill..for all I know your..chchchcrazy as a lone!

Pulp Fiction


Jules and Vincent:

-..im can blow!

-oh, oh you ready to blow?


From Pulp Fiction. The two gaymen:

- Bring out the gimp...

-..the gimp's a sleep

-..guess you have to wake him up now, won't you?


 Quentin Tarantion and Samuel Jacksoin Pulp Fiction-

Jimmy: Whe you pulled in here, did you noticed a sign in front of my house that said "Dead nigger storage"

Jules: Jimmy, you know I didnt see no sign....

Jimmy: did you noticed a sign in front of my house that said "Dead nigger storage"

Jules: No, I didn't

Jimmy: You know why you didnt see that sign?

Jules: No why?

Jimmy: Cuze it aint there, cuze storing dead niggers aint my fucking business, thats why!



 The incredibly cool music from "Remo - Unarmed and Dangerous"

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