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Welcome to the sounds of movies med F - K

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Ferris Bueller


Ferris: - You still here? Its over, go home!


The groovy music in Ferris Bueller.


 Cameron sitting in his car and thinking of wether he shall go to Ferris or not. From "Ferris Buellers Day of"

Forrest Gump


Little Jenny: - Run Forrest! Run!!

Kinder Garten Cop:


Arnold: - Its NOT a tumor!

Independence Day


  Randy Quaid in ID4: "alright Mr. President here we go!.. payback´s a bitch aint it!?


  ID4, Will Smith:

-..oh no, you not shot that green shit at me!


 ID4, Randy Quaid:

-Hello boys! Im baaaack!!





-..we say we try that one again ehe-he

-..yes,yes...without the opps..

Full Metal Jacket


 The Drill Sergent from Full Metal Jacket:

- Who the fuck said that? Who's the slimey-little-communist-shittwinkle-toecouksucker down here who just signed his own deathwarrent?


 Drill Sergant from Full Metal Jacket:

- Your days of fingerbanging Old Mary Jane Rotten Crotch, trough her furry pink panties, are over!


 Drill Sergant from Full Metal Jacket:

- You had best unfuck yourself, or I will unscrew your head and shit down your neck!


 Drill Sergant from Full Metal Jacket:

- What is your major malfunction numbnuts?


 Drill Sergant from Full Metal Jacket:

- You are pukes, you are the lowest form of life on earth! Your not even human fucking beings. Your nothin but unorganized pieces of amfebian shit!

The Frightneers


The black ghost:

- You know, if I wanna get shot at every day, I´d move my black ass to L. A




-We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!


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