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Welcome to the sounds of movies named A - E

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Ace Ventura Pet Detective

This scene was not in the theatre presentation. This was originally edited out from the movie. This wavfile is from a extended version of the movie.


Reporter: - Where is snowflake?

Ace (disgused as a german dolphin trainee): - Why do you care about Snowflake? Do you know him? Does he call you at home?
DO YOU HAVE A DORSEL FHIN?!? To train a dolphin you must think as a dolphin! you must getting inside the dolphins head und communicate it! Im saying to snowflake: "Akka akka ikka ekka" und he is saying: "Akkeh akkie" und he is up on the deck going "iiieehh, ieiieeyiiiee, ieeeeee"...und you can qoute him!


Dan Marino: - Ace??

Ace: - Yeah Dan?

Dan Marino: - Do you have anymore of that gum?!

Ace: - That's none of your damn business and I thank you for stayin out of my personal affairs

Few Good Men


Jack: - You want answers?

Tom: - I think Im intitled..

Jack: - You want answers!

Tom: - I want the truth!!!

Jack: - You cant handle the truth!!!


From Eraser:


Arnold: - Come and get me!

Die Hard movies

From Die Hard 3: With a Vengeance


Zeus: - Zeus! My name is Zeus!

John: - Zeus?

Zeus: - Yeah Zeus! As in the father of Apollo on the mountain Olympus, "dont fuck with me or I'll shuff a lightning bolt up your ass, Zeus!!"


John: - Ok, eh Zeus, Im sorry!

Zeus: - Why do you keep calling me Jesus? Do I look puertorican to you?


 Bruce Willis in Die Hard:

- No fucking shit lady! Do I sound like im ordering a pizza?


 Bruce Willis in Die Hard:

- Welcome to the party pal!!



Navigator: - We have clearence, Clarence.

Captain: - Roger, Roger, whats our vector, Victor?


Doctor: - Captain, how soon can you land?

Captain: - I can't tell.

Doctor: - You can tell me, Im a doctor

Captain: - No, I mean im not sure..

Doctor: - Well, cant you take a guess?

Captain: - Well...not for another two hours..

Doctor: - Cant you take a guess for another two hours?



Redneck: - Can you squeal? I'll bet you can squeal.

Man: - oh..no..

Redneck: - ..squeal...(squealing)...Louder! (squealing) Louder ...ah-ha-ha...(more squealing)



Man on japanese sub: - A Nazi!! I knew it, your all in deus!! But I'll tell you something Mr Hiney crowd, I fought your kind in the great war..and we kick the living shit outta you!



Bill Paxton in Aliens:

"..maybe I aint keeping up on current events , but we just got out asses kicked pal!


 Bill Paxton in Aliens, this is my favorite!:

- Gameover man...Gameover!

Demolition Man


Simon: - What can I say? Im a blast from the past!

Spartan: - You should've stayed there!

Blues Brothers


 This is the classic "its 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas..."


 Blues Brothers :







Billy Madison


  Billy Madison:

-Gee..whats up her butt?


 Chris Farley in Billy Madison:

"That is correct..."


 Billy Madison:



 Billy Madison:

- Everybody in my age pees their pants, its the coolest!



 Opening music from the movie Dragnet

Dumb and Dumber


 From Dumb and Dumber:

-I expected the Rocky Mountains to be a little bit more rockier...

-..I was thinking the same thing...that John Denver full of shit man!


 Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber:

- I desperatly wanna make love to a school boy!

The Crow


 The Crow:

...you´re seriusly fucked up...


 The merchant in The Crow:

- Sister?! She's suppose to be your sister? ..aha-ha-ha..


 The Crow, the best line ever!

-I know you, I know you , I knew I knew you, I knew I knew you....but you aint you..you cant be you..we put you through the window, there aint no coming back...this is the really real world, there aint no coming back, we killed you dead..there aint no coming back..there aint no coming back! There aint no coming back!


  The Crow:

-Suddenly, I heard a tap, as of someone gently, gently rapping,rapping at my chamber door

Coming to America


Coming To America:

Eddie:- Fuck you! Fuck you! And Fuck You! Who´s next?



 The black guy in Eraser sayin' :

- Relax, you've been erased

Blood in Blood out


 From the ultimate movie Blood In Blood Out:

- Viva Vatos Locos!!

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