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Some of the wavfiles here at The Sound Library have been compressed in "3-bit IMA/DVI ADPCM" to decrease the wavfiles very much. Here's instructions on how to install that codec to your computer.

The following movies have been compressed with this codec:

  • Austin Powers
  • Ace Ventura 2
  • Loaded Weapon 1
  • Private Parts (some files)

You can also click HERE for a grapical instruction on how your "Multimedia Settings" should be.

Adding the IMA ADPCM Codec to Windows 95.

1. In Control Panel, double-click "Add New Hardware."

2. Click Next, click No, and then click Next.

3. In the Hardware Types box, click "Sound, Video, And Game Controllers."

4. Click on "Microsoft" in the Manufacturers box and a "IMA ADPCM Audio Codec" in the Models box, and then click

5. Click the Finish button.

Adding the IMA ADPCM Codec to Windows NT v4.

1. In Control Panel, double-click Multimedia.

2. Click on the Devices tab.

3. Select "IMA ADPCM Audio CODEC" from the list and press OK.

4. Restart Your Machine when prompted.


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